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Reflections: Fant FaculTEAs II - Online Resources

by Hillary Richardson on 2018-06-29T13:46:54-05:00 in Theatre, Psychology & Family Science, Languages, Literature, & Philosophy, History, Political Science, & Geography, Health & Kinesiology, Culinary Arts, Business, Nursing | Comments

During our FaculTEA discussions, a more popular discussion than hardware was online content—what we were subscribing to that fulfilled research and teaching needs. After a decision to cancel subscriptions to several print-only journals, our budget became more flexible. During our conversations, we asked what online databases and journals that people were interested in, and we were able to pinpoint a few resources to purchase, while learning that there were many online journal subscriptions we already had access to.

In many discussions, it was clear that faculty needed a database that would contain data on local and national populations. We recently trialed one such database called PolicyMap, thinking it would be a useful tool for our health-related disciplines, but we had no idea that so many people would be interested in this kind of data! We learned that Business and Culinary Arts needed this data to put together profiles for small business proposals and marketing plans. We learned that HPG and LLP needed geospatial data to look at how communities were changing over time. We learned that Psychology and Family Studies needed data sets to not only use for curricular integration, but also to further their cross-disciplinary research agendas. We have since purchased full access to PolicyMap, which is featured on our Database A-Z list.

image of a remote controlMany departments were also interested in a streaming video product. While there is across-the-board agreement on the need for this, there is not as much consensus on the type of content that the university needs. Unlike the need for more 3D printers and population data sets, each department had specific needs for different video content. For instance, while Nursing and Culinary Arts were more interested in procedural videos, LLP and Theatre were more interest in films and plays, HPG were more interested in clips of documentary footage, and Business was more interested in recent content, like news footage on current issues and episodes of popular TV shows. As it turns out, publishing companies do not readily sell a one-size-fits-all package for video content. Our investigation of streaming video products is ongoing, and we will continue to accept all feedback and evaluate the best model for our university’s needs.

In our next blog post, we will discuss the most familiar resources that libraries provide, and that are still in high demand: books!

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