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Tech Lab

This guide is to demonstrate all of the available resources in Fant Memorial Library's tech lab and how to use them.


3D Printing


3D printing in the Fant Memorial Library Tech Lab is utilized in classroom projects, or co-curricular projects and activities. There are three Monoprice Maker Ultimate 3D printers in the lab and we offer a variety of PLA filament colors. To submit your 3D design to be printed, scroll to the bottom of this page and fill out the form

Filament Colors

 Aqua                            Fluorescent yellow Fluorescent Yellow peak Green Peak Green White White

 Aqua Transloucent       Gold Gold                       Pink Pink             Yellow Yellow

Beige Beige                           Gray Gray                      Purple  Purple

black Black                         Mint  Mint                       Real Green  Real Green


blue Blue                           Natural clear Natural Clear          Red Red

brown Brown                        OrangeOrange                 Silver   Silver

Infill Density

The infill density used in a 3D printing project represents how much of the model is filled with material. For a stronger print an infill of 50% is reccommended. If the model is used as a display then an infill of 20% should work just fine. Please see the picture below that demonstrates various infill percentages.


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