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Family Sciences

Guide created for students in Dr. Brooks' Family and Public Policy Class, Fall 2020

Finding a known law

Finding a known law is as simple as searching the name of the law (Google! Wikipedia!), and locating the law's citation. It might look something like this:

screenshot of wikipedia page showing a law's citation

or this:

screenshot of a policy brief that shows what a citation of Mississippi Annotated Code looks l ike

Once you have the citation, you can read the text of the law itself! Copy and paste the citation into one of the search engines below to find the full letter of the law.

Browse Policies by Topic

Use the suggested links below to browse documents related to family public policies. Find the citations or the names of the law in the documents, and search for the actual law from there!

Effective ways to Google topic ideas

Google Web Search

Many fantastic public policy resources--in particular, policy briefs from think tanks, NGOs, and research institutes--can be found online. Here are a few tips for more efficient, effective Google searches:

Include the phrase "policy brief" in your search. (Keep the quotation marks around "policy brief" to find this exact phrase.)

Use a site: search. This will limit your search to a broad domain (e.g., .org sites, .edu sites, .gov sites) or to a specific website (e.g.,

If you're not sure which think tank, NGO, or agency might have issued policy papers on your topic, try a search engine that's powered by Google but limited to a select group of sites.