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ART/HIS 318: Museum Studies

Resources for students researching scholarship and original art for the Museum Studies class

Museum Studies Research

Print of Harunobu's "Girl with Cranes," picturing a Japanese woodblock drawing of a woman with a kimono, carrying two buckets of salt water, to the right of two cranes

Suzuki Harunobu's "Girls with Cranes"

This guide was created to help students in Museum Studies find information for, scholarship on, and original works of Japanese art completed during the 17th-19th centuries, during the Edo Period. For more help, please contact Hillary Richardson (

Suggested Keywords

The following are suggested search terms for gathering information about and context for ukiyo-e art, the encompassing Edo period, surrounding dynasties, and common themes within art of those periods. Use these terms in the online catalog, databases, and online: