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News Research Guide

Headlines don't sell newspapers, newsies do!




The research lifecycle isn't always clear, and it can often be difficult to navigate. This guide was developed to help you find current and historical news and newspaper resources available to help you with research.



The news is a valuable source of information to researchers in various disciplines such as Humanities, Social Sciences, Economics, and Public Health. News sources can be used as either primary or secondary sources for current or historical events. Some ways that newspapers can be used in research include:

  • To follow the development of an event in “real time”
  • To examine how news of an event or idea was received by the public when it occurred
  • To understand different perspectives
  • To analyze editorials
  • To learn about the lives and culture of a specific time and/or region
  • To read eyewitness accounts
  • To obtain up-to-date information

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