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Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility (IDEA)


Part I: Accessibility

8:30AM: Breakfast/Settling in 

9:00 AM: Welcome/Expectations/Discussion

  • Breath Exercise / Centering
  • Ground Rules
  • Discussion: 

    • Self-Assessment

    • "I'm Tired of Chasing a Cure" by Liz Moore

    • Accessibility in Libraries

10:45 AM: Accessibility Scavenger Hunt

11:15 AM: Scavenger Hunt Findings and Brainstorm

11:30AM: Break for Lunch 


Part II: Team Building

1:00PM  Psychological Safety on Teams and in the Workplace (Amanda)

1:30PM  Individual strengths and communication styles (Breakout Groups)

2:30PM  Break

2:45PM  Team-building discussion (Functional Groups)

3:45PM  Fant-building: (All Library)

4:30PM: End