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Athena Commons - Institutional Repository

What is Athena Commons?

Athena Commons is an open access institutional repository that collects, digitizes, and showcases university scholarship across multiple disciplines and formats. 

How do I get started with the Athena Commons Repository?
MUW and MSMS faculty, staff, and students should contact Fant Library at if you are interested in depositing your research materials. Together and often with assistance from Nichole Bonaventure-Larson, the Collection Development Librarian, we will determine if you have the rights to deposit your research materials, or if we need to seek permission from the rightsholder in order to make the deposit. For each item submitted to the repository, the rightsholder must agree to the non-exclusive Repository agreement.

Although it seems understood that the author holds exclusive rights to the material, this is not often the case for materials previously published, such as articles and book chapters. In most cases, an author transfers copyrights to their publisher in a copyright transfer agreement. It is important to understand which rights were transferred in order to determine if the author has the right to post their work to an open access institutional repository.  We can help navigate to answer this question.  For students desiring to deposit their research, it may be done with the permission of their academic department.

Once the copyright situation is figured out, research may be deposited.  

What Kind of Materials Can I Submit?
● Published journal articles, books, book chapters
● Final draft manuscripts
● Conference presentations and posters (.pdf format required)
● Research data
● Theses and dissertations
● University committee documents
● Official MUW Alumni Association publications
● Faculty Senate documents
● College, department, and school publications
● College, department, and school alumni publications
● Undergraduate research
● Capstone projects
● Images 
● Audio/Visual materials

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