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Athena Commons - Institutional Repository

Why Should I Contribute?

Athena Commons makes scholarship easily accessible and available in one online location, enabling increased access to the university community, students, professional colleagues, and beyond.  Works placed in the repository are more easily discovered in common internet search engines (i.e. Google).  This greater access makes it easier for researchers around the world to discover your work.  Additionally, researches can cite these works with a permanent URL without concern for the disappearance or moving of online content.

The Athena Commons IR is a valuable way to extend the scholarly output and historical resources of Mississippi University for Women to include greater reach and increased circulation.  This increased visibility, awareness, and stability benefit both content creators and the university. 

Increased Visibility: Athena Commons opens up the accessibility of your content, increasing its discoverability and usability by making it available through common online search tools, allowing the author to gain wider distribution of their scholarly output.  It complements traditional publishing and expedites immediate access to your scholarly work.

Archiving:  Athena Commons is archived and digitally preserved, relieving you and/or your department/unit of the need to upgrade digital files to keep up with technology.

Permanence: Athena Commons provides a stable URL to your publications so your research will always be findable.

Grant Requirements:  Submitting your works to Athena Commons may satisfy the requirements of grant generated scholarship.

What if my material is not in a digital format?

We are happy to scan and digitize any work that is not yet in digital format. Contact the library at to arrange a meeting to obtain the items. Library staff can ensure the safety and security of the items while in our possession. We will return physical items to you once they are scanned, along with digital copies of the materials.