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ART/HIS 318: Museum Studies (Spring 2022)

A research guide for students in Dr. Beverly Joyce's Museum Studies Class

Planning a digital exhibit

Planning any exhibit

Creating a digital exhibit isn't unlike planning a physical one - there are conceptual things to keep in mind.

  • What story are you telling?
  • What is the narrative thread or guiding concept that weaves your collection together?
  • Who is your audience?
  • What is the layout of your exhibit?

Planning a digital exhibit

In addition to the previous things, consider the following when making your exhibit digital:

  • Metadata - The metadata of every object in your collection is the information about each piece of that object, like a citation. Keep track of things like the title, creator, description, etc. on hand to include in your exhibit.
  • File storage and organization - Where are you storing your files? Do you have enough space for the size of the files? Are they organized enough to access without seeing the object (e.g. a list of file names in a folder)? What file size will allow for the higher quality image but maintain your file size limits?
  • Permissions - Do you have the permission (or the usage rights) to share the file digitally? Can you get them if they aren't readily accessible?
  • Accessibility - Consider the limits your digital exhibit might impose on someone with limited abilities. Could you navigate your exhibit with just access to a keyboard? Could you operate it with an older version of a web browser? 

Online exhibit examples