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Welcome to Fant Memorial Library

Welcome to Fant Memorial Library!

Fant Memorial Library is committed to bringing targeted, innovative resources and services to the MUW community to facilitate excellence in teaching, research, and learning—both online and in-person.  To that end, we provide the technologies, materials, spaces, and expert support to further classroom explorations and stimulate intellectual curiosity. We aim to be the heart of our campus, a place where students and faculty can “study for light to bless with light.”

Purchase or Subscribe to New Library Materials

Books and other one-time-purchase materials are ordered on demand. All items will be available for checkout at Fant Memorial Library after cataloging. To check to see if the library owns your book already, go to and use the Book button to search by title/author. Requests that involve recurring costs or subscriptions can be submitted for evaluation through the link below.  

For questions about your order, please contact the Collection Development Librarian, Nichole Bonaventure-Larson, at or Coordinator of Undergraduate Research, Hillary Richardson at

Click here to request one-time purchases, such as new library books.

Click here to request journals or databases to be evaluated for subscriptions.

(The book purchase link will redirect you to sign in through Canvas before filling out the New Book form.)

What's going on at Fant

Welcome to Fant Memorial Library!

Featured Databases: Women's Studies Archive and Archives of Sexuality and Gender

Check out new archival databases that contain materials on women's history and LGBTQ culture. Women's Issues and Identities covers the social, political, and professional aspects of women's lives roles, experiences, and achievements of women in society. LGBTQ History and Culture Since 1940 illuminates the experiences not just of the LGBTQ community as a whole, but of individuals of different races, ethnicities, ages, religions, political orientations, and geographical locations that constitute this community.

image of outside view of the ASRS, Athena, at night,

Athena's awake when you are!

When your studies go beyond our hours, use the resources on the library website or sign up for the 24/7 room to best fit your schedule.

Fall 2018 workshops

This fall, we will offer help on using Zotero, a citation management tool; interaction with the W history via University Archives; and tutorial on InDesign, the best software for designing research posters. To register for online workshops, visit

New tool: Digital Scholar Lab

Explore our institution's holdings from Gale Primary Sources using Digital Humanities tools. Rediscover and interpret the past through analysis and visualization of historical texts.

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