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a guide for courses that focus on and include content related to illustration

Getting Started

Not sure where to start?  

To find resources for your topic, consider using the following search terms as starting places:


The following websites include information about the careers of medial and technical illustrators as well as examples and ideas of these types of illustration: 

  • Association of Medical Illustrators furthers the use of visual media to advance life sciences, medicine, and healthcare through a worldwide network of specialized interdisciplinary professionals.
  • IllustrationX "connects you to the most varied and diverse collection of top illustration talent from across the globe." 
  • Medical Illustration and Animation 
  • MediVisuals is the nation’s largest and most experienced medical demonstrative evidence provider. Their specialty is the conceptualization and development of powerful, persuasive, and accurate visuals that make medical and technical expert testimony understandable and memorable. 
  • "is a blog and community for technical illustrators, by technical illustrators."  Its "purpose is to promote, educate and celebrate technical illustration in all its forms, to feature work by some of the best in the business, and to share resources, references, techniques, tips, and tricks of the trade."

To find scholarly articles on your topic, consider visiting the following databases: