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a guide for finding resources and research about nutrition and food science

Online Resources

Government Resources

Research Websites

  • Food and Nutrition Sciences is an open-access scholarly journal that provides articles to current and past research pertaining to the nutrition sciences field.  
  • Nutrition Evidence Systematic Review (formerly the Nutrition Evidence Library) specializes in conducting food- and nutrition-related systematic reviews.
  • Nutrition Research and Practice "aims to stimulate research and practice across diverse areas of human nutrition. The Journal publishes peer-reviewed original manuscripts on nutrition biochemistry and metabolism, community nutrition, nutrition and disease management, nutritional epidemiology, nutrition education, food service management."

The video database, Kanopy, offers videos and documentaries on many topics including Nutrition.

The following documentaries on Kanopy may be of interest to you or relevant to your topic: 

Other Video Content and Documentaries: 

Heath Related Data Sources