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Women's Studies Research

To help women's studies students find a variety of data, methods, and resources for research assignments.

Citation Management

Zotero [zoh-TAIR-oh] is a no-cost bibliographic management tool that can:

  • organize references in multiple folders 
  • store references and files on Zotero's web site
  • format in-text citations and references according to many bibliographic styles 

Setting up a free Zotero account gives you:

  • unlimited storage space on Zotero’s servers for your metadata (information about your sources, e.g., author, title,   publisher, etc., including your text notes)
  • up to 300 MB of storage on Zotero’s servers for PDF and image files. (Purchasing more storage space is optional).
  • access to your Zotero information from any computer 

For more about Zotero, visit our Zotero Guide, or email Hillary Richardson at

Citation Styles

APA Resources Online:

MLA Resources Online:

Chicago/Turabian resources online: