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Women's Studies Research

To help women's studies students find a variety of data, methods, and resources for research assignments.

Women's Studies Research

cartoon image of a frog on top of flies, with "academic feminists" as the title

This guide is meant to help with finding data, policies, books, research articles, and archival information related to issues in women's studies. For help using any of these resources, don't hesitate to start a chat, text the library, or schedule an appointment with a librarian using the links in the guide!


Image: "Academic Feminists and the Women's Movement." Ain't I A Woman?, [April 1974]. Women's Studies Archive,

Not sure where to start? Try these general search terms in any of the resources on this page:

Women – Biography
Women social reformers
Women and Literature
Women scientists
Women authors, American (may substitute other geographic region)
Women’s Studies
Women – study and teaching

Women’s Rights
Women – civil rights
Women – legal status, laws, etc.
Women – suffrage
Feminism - United States (may substitute other geographic region)
Feminist theory
Feminism and higher education
Feminism – cross-cultural studies

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Many thanks to Melanie Maksin and Kenya Flash at Yale University for their permission to reuse some of their content featured in Yale's Public Policy Subject Guide, and to Meredith Kahn at the University of Michigan for her permission to reuse content in her Women's Studies Research Guide.