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MUW Fant Library Instruction Materials

Objectives, descriptions, and supplemental materials for library instruction sessions

MLA 8th edition

MLA - 8th Edition

  • Learning Objective(s):
    • Understand how MLA Style helps prevent plagiarism
    • Understand the structure and concept of "containers" in MLA Works Cited Entries
    • Recognize commonly formatted citations (e.g. book, book chapter, journal article, etc.)
    • Recognize formatting rules for in-text citations and works cited citations
    • Practice formatting citations in provided examples and in in-progress papers
  • Description: This lesson will give students an overview of commonly incorporated MLA formatting and style requirements, and it will give them a chance to "workshop" or ask questions about MLA citations that they have used (or will use) in their course papers.
  • Use casesThis assignment works best for students in the humanities (primarily English or Writing classes) that have an in-progress paper assignment that requires MLA formatting and style usage.  
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Researching for Poetry Analysis

Researching Poetry

  • Learning Objective(s):
    • Understand different strategies for writing about poetry (i.e. criticism and alternative resources)
    • Locate resources for writing about poetry
  • Description: This lesson will discuss different ways of searching for literary criticism, historical or cultural context, and biographical information about a poet or their work, and provide resources for finding these items.
  • Use cases: This assignment is for students who have to write a paper analyzing poetry and use sources to do so.  
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