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APA 7th Edition - Citations and Formatting

Academic Writer Tutorial: Basics of Seventh Edition APA Style

Learn the basics of seventh edition APA Style, including paper elements, format, and organization; academic writing style; grammar and usage; bias-free language; mechanics of style; tables and figures; in-text citations, paraphrasing, and quotations; and reference list format and order.

Six Steps to Proper Citation

Source: American Psychological Association. (2020). Publication manual of the American Association (7th ed.) Section 8.1 and in the Concise Guide to APA Style (7th ed.) Section 8.1. Psychological Association (7th ed.).

Citing with Library Resources

Most library databases will have a tool that helps build your citation. While we recommend these, we also recommend double checking your work! Sometimes these citations will have a glitch with capitalization or page numbers. 

Look for a tool in a side or top menu that says "Cite" and check the information!


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