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APA 7th Edition - Citations and Formatting

Headers and Heading Levels


  • Insert page numbers in the top right corner of the header.
  • The page number should show on all pages.

Running Head 

Optional: Running head is not required for student papers

  • Abbreviated version of paper title—no more than 50 characters, including spaces and punctuation. 
  • Appears in the same format on every page, including the first page. 
  • Do not use the label “Running head:” on any page. 
  • Write in ALL-CAPITAL letters.
  • Insert the running in the page header, aligned to the left margin and across from the right-aligned page number. 


Heading Levels


  • ‚ÄčThere are five levels of headings in APA style.


  • Avoid using only one subheading. Use at least two subheadings or none at all. 
  • Double space all headings
  • It is understood that the first paragraph of a paper is the introduction. The heading "Introduction" is not needed.