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Literary Criticism

a guide for finding and writing about literary criticism

Getting Started

Not sure where to start?  

To find scholarly articles for your topic, consider using these search terms: 

Also, check out our print and electronic resources listed below as well as our databases for information that might help you.


AMC Filmsite offers "interpretive, descriptive review commentary and background history on many of the best Hollywood and American classic films in the last century.  The site includes rich reference material including Academy Awards history, film genres, film terms, film history by decade, trivia, and lots of lists of 'best' films, stars, scenes, quotes, resources, posters, etc."

American Film Institute is a nonprofit organization that aims to educate and inspire artists and people interested in film.  Their website contains a catalog of the first 100 years of film, lists, and information on awards and their conservatory.  

Senses of Cinema is "an online journal devoted to the serious and eclectic discussion of cinema."

Film Criticism is "a peer-reviewed, online publication bringing together scholarship in the field of cinema and media studies since 1975."

Finding more books and articles

Not finding what you're looking for here?