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Literary Criticism

a guide for finding and writing about literary criticism

Getting Started

Not sure where to get started?

To find scholarly articles for your topic, consider using these helpful search terms: 

Also, check out our print and electronic resources below as well as our databases for information that might help you.

The Southern Literary Journal through JSTOR provides access to essays, literary criticism and reviews on all aspects of the American South.


Library of Southern Literature provides access to digitized primary materials that offer Southern perspectives on American history and culture.

The Mississippi Writer's Page provides information about a diverse group of authors native to Mississippi, a timeline of writers and their works published, and links to scholarly sources related to the writers. 

Author-specific Websites:

  • Digital Yoknapatawpha focuses on William Faulkner. The digital library includes photographs, manuscripts, illustrations, maps, and information on Faulkner's works. 
  • Eudora Welty Foundation includes biographical information on Eudora Welty, photographs and art, a timeline, a photo gallery of her career highlights, book guides, and a bibliography of her works. 

  • The Flannery O'Connor Repository provides links to biographical information about Flannery O'Connor and criticism of her work.
  • LiteraryHistory: Harper Lee provides a list of literary criticism and links to websites that include biographical information on Harper Lee and background information on her works. 
  • Mark Twain in His Times is a visual and interactive website that includes information on Mark Twain's his life and his works.
  • Tennessee Williams Collection from the Historic New Orleans Collection is a digital collection of materials related to Tennessee Williams and his legacy.

Finding more books and articles

Not finding what you're looking for here?