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Literary Criticism

a guide for finding and writing about literary criticism

Getting Started

Not sure where to start?  

To find scholarly articles for your topic, consider using these search terms: 

Take a look at our LibGuide dedicated to Medieval History.

Also, check out our print and electronic resources listed below as well as our databases for information that might help you.


Ancient History Encylopedia provides an overview of the historical context, authors and works of the Medieval period.  

British Library: Discovering Literature: Medieval presents a unique collection of items and articles relating to some of the earliest works of English literature and most influential figures in literary history. Featured works include Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, Beowulf, and the Canterbury Tales.

The Camelot Project provides access to Arthurian texts, images, bibliographies, and basic information about the authors and texts. 

Harvard's Geoffrey Chaucer Website "provides a wide range of glossed Middle English texts and translations of analogues relevant to Chaucer's works, as well as selections from relevant works by earlier and later writers, critical articles from a variety of perspectives, graphics, and general information on life in the Middle Ages."

Luminarium: Anthology of English Literature includes information on Medieval authors, plays, and lyrics as well as information about literature of other categories such as Renaissance literature, 17th century literature, and literature from the Restoration period.  The site aims to provide a multimedia experience. 

The World of Dante is a multi-media research tool that offers access to a gallery, maps, music, texts, a timeline, and teacher resources that all pertain to the Dante's Divine Comedy. 

Finding more books and articles

Not finding what you're looking for here?