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Literary Criticism

a guide for finding and writing about literary criticism

Getting Started

Not sure where to start?  

To find scholarly articles for your topic, consider using these helpful search terms: 

Also, check out our print and electronic resources as well as our databases for information that might help you.  

Interested in watching Shakespeare's plays on film? Check out a few that our library has in its collection. 


Looking for criticism on Shakespeare? Search for articles in our literature databases:

Trying to find information on gender, relationships, love, or the human mind in Shakespeare's works? Check out some of our other databases: 

The following websites offer full-texts of Shakespeare's works, biographical information, and historical background of his works:

  • Discovering Literature: Shakespeare and Renaissance provides access to full-texts of the works of Shakespeare and other Renaissance authors as well as digital collection items, articles from scholars, and information and themes and the background of works. 
  • The Folger Shakespeare includes full-cast audio performances of Shakespeare's plays, articles about Shakespeare's life and theatre, as well as the complete collection of Shakespeare's sonnets, poems, and plays that were edited for modern readers. 
  • Global Shakepeares: Video and performance archive  provides online access to performances of Shakespeare from many parts of the world as well as essays and metadata provided by scholars and educators in the field.
  • Royal Shakespeare Company includes background about the Royal Shakespeare Company as well as information on Shakespeare's life, times, and work. The site also contains more than 3,500 images such as portraits, illustrations, and performance stills. 
  • Shakespeare Online provides access to Shakespeare's plays and sonnets as well as plot summaries, biographical and historical information, and links to other scholarly sources. 
  • Treasures in Full: Shakespeare in Quarto contains background on the historical context of Shakespeare's time and work as well as biographical information in addition to digital versions of Shakespeare's texts as they appeared in the 107 quartos.

Finding more books and articles

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